Al Dixon Cologne

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Al Dixon Private Label Cologne by Michael Cristopher

3 Scents

Green: A custom blend of exotic woods, citrus and spices develop this strikingly robust masculine scent. Extracts of Lemon and Lime combined with fresh menthe, rosemary, melded with a deep Sandalwood base. Accents of Jasmine and lavender top this scent

Blue: This custom blended fragrance is a fresh green floral complex combining cool greens with lavender and laced with accents of basil, sage, clove, and orange flowers. This is further enhanced with geranium, neroli, and jasmine. The "dry down" is a fresh woody note dominated with vetiver and warmed with amber and musk. 

Plaid: The custom blend begins with top notes of bergamot, light spices and Mandarin oil. The middle notes contain bunches of coriander spice, sandalwood, honey and rugged leather with a base of mahogany wood, firm balsam and a touch of vetiver and amber.