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The Men's Penny Loafer Calvine Shoe is a classic Loafer, one of the most versatile footwear models that exist, an essential piece in the wardrobe of the modern and sophisticated man. With a characteristic design and the metal detail on the upper part, the shoe has an air of formality and is perfect for everyday wear. 

Loafers, which carry a lot of tradition in the history of men's fashion, continue to be a hit in today's fashion and stand out among men and women of all ages and with more modern models, with heels and details in steel. Originally, the Loafer was developed as a casual shoe, but as the years went by and the model was reinvented, it consolidated itself and was accepted in formal situations. Today, the Loafer is an extremely versatile model that can be worn both on formal occasions and in everyday leisure situations, and it is this versatility that makes the Loafer an extremely necessary shoe in any closet.

The Calvine Loafer is made of genuine leather with an LWG certificate, providing you with the quality that only Sandro Moscoloni footwear can have, in addition to prolonging the durability of the footwear. Its interior is lined with a reinforced fabric, which together with the M180 insole, provides greater comfort when walking, in addition to providing better transpiration to the feet. The sole of this model has Gel Construction technology, which promotes better stability and softness to your steps.